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Wage and hour claims are usually about overtime — whether it was paid or not. By law, “non-exempt” employees are to be paid time and a half for work beyond eight hours per day, 40 hours per week. When workers are not paid, employers may be the target of a wage and hour suit.

Whether you are entitled to overtime pay depends on what you do, not on whether your employer pays you a salary.

Employer often incorrectly designate an employee as exempt from Fair Labor Standards Act overtime requirements and often fail to document the exact hours employees put in. Eventually, an employee will file a complaint and the entire organization will be required to respond.

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Employees who wonder if they are being properly paid should ask themselves:

  • Am I actually an exempt employee?
  • Are we being asked to work off the clock without pay?
  • Is our employer not allowing us to have regular mealtime and breaks?
  • Are we working more than 10 hours in a given day but not getting an extra
  • hour of pay?
  • Are we obliged to share or tips with the boss?
  • Are we being paid proper commissions?
  • Is the company deducting money illegally from our checks?

These all constitute serious wage and hour violations. If you answered any question in the affirmative, you probably have a solid wage and hour violation case.

Resolving Issues Of Misclassification

If you are a non-exempt employee who has not been paid overtime, or if you believe you may be misclassified as an exempt employee, we invite you to call Phoenix wage and hour attorney David C. Larkin. We can sort through your situation and assess your chances for recovery.

Medical Leave/FMLA Issues

When you or a member of your family experiences a serious medical condition, you should not have to fight your employer to take time off. Unfortunately, some companies still punish employees who take time off granted by the Family and Medical Leave Act, retaliating against them and even resorting to wrongful termination. When this happens, call David C. Larkin at(480) 491-2900.

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